Lessons - Exclusive LIVE or ONLINE Video Analysis

Perfect your swing through LIVE video calls or an extended virtual lesson sent to your email. Call/email and schedule a LIVE session or simply send us video clips of your swing. Every aspect of your technique will be analyzed and we will help you improve at your own pace. We work with everyone: beginners, accomplished players, and professionals.

LIVE - FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom Video Lessons


How to Upload Your Videos:

In order to relay your videos to our instructor, you will need a smart phone with video capability. Simple.

BEST WAY: Install the V1 Golf App. Setting up the app with our academy takes 5 minutes or less.

TEXT VIDEOS: If you don't have the app, simply text message your instructor a "down the line" and "face on" video clip you take with your phone. 

Or: Just call us....we'll walk you through it.