Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I send you my swing video?
A: Email us and we will walk you through it in five minutes. Just upload your swing right from your V1 Golf App on your iPhone or Android. Begin by taking a video of yourself from behind the ball, or "down the line", and take another of you directly "face on."

In order to provide the most constructive suggestions, we would like to see the club head and shaft throughout the whole swing. The closer you get, the better (obviously) - just to make sure the club is fully in the video at all times. You can also upload your swing videos to YouTube and send us the link, but using the V1 Golf App is much easier.


Q: How can I pay for your services?
A: For Online Academy services please visit our Checkout page. Any major credit card or bank account can be used through the convenience of PayPal™. For all other services, we will send you an invoice.

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